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Introduction of the College

Honors College of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) has always been considered as the front end for the higher education reform in the university. The focus of the college is to develop the 1st-class undergraduate education by improving “teaching” and “learning”, and innovating the education system.

Honors College was originally derived from the “Education Reform Class” of NPU in 1985. In 2001, it evolved into the Honors College and was titled with the “National Innovative and Experimental Zone on Talent Cultivation Model” in 2007. This strongly proves that NPU has become an important incubator for the top talent cultivation in China. In 2014, Honors College officially became a college operating in all functions with the full independence as required, which was also the most important milestone of Honors College’s history towards today.

During last 35 years, the college has been exploring the various ways of cultivating top talents, but never been away from its core mission, of developing top talents who are meeting the needs of the country and the human society.

Since 2014, the college has categorized all the majors of undergraduate students in NPU into 5, including Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Information Technology and Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. Undergraduate students can access to extensive programs crossing various academic disciplines in their first two years in NPU, which helps them to lay the strong foundation for the further study. Following that, students are able to choose more specific programs of their interests and needs. Selective tutors from various colleges of NPU can assist students of Honors College from the 3rd year onwards, to develop their capability of conducting academic research.

In order to further strengthen the leadership, innovation and other competences, the college made the Honor Roll and Honor Incentive Plan to motive students. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in or get engaged with international academic conferences, innovation activities, contests, sports, arts and volunteer services, apart from achieving excellent performance in the study and research.

By now, Honors College has cultivated a great number of excellent talents with solid knowledge foundation and expertise, strong social responsibility as well as broad international experiences and insights. They are demonstrating good examples and inspiring staff and students of the college to work harder and smarter for a brighter future of the college.