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The Experience Sharing Session Held at Honors College

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Early afternoon December 11th, 2021, Honors College held an experience sharing session in order to improve students’ global competence. Yang Mingxin, who attained her bachelor's degree from the University of Sydney, was invited to share her experience and to exchange with students in Honors College. About 20 students of Honors College along with the Dean of Honors College, Mr. Wang Yangang were present.

The sharing session started with a brief introduction followed by the studying and living experience during her 3-year study of architectonics in the University of Sydney. When it comes to studying patterns, she took a design approach program- “Digital Inclusion and Social Participation for Australian Elderly” as an example to illustrate the teaching style of international classes. She also introduced “two Michaels” -two charismatic professors who both have “Michael” as their family name. One used examples to adjust Yang Mingxin’s project inspiring her to learn from others’ ideas, while the other used cultural and social symbols to shed light on historical architectural style. As for her life in Sydney, Yang Mingxin introduced food, roommates and travelling, stressing the importance of the balance between study and entertainment.

The session lasted for about an hour, during which there was heated interaction among the lecturer, teachers and students. Mr. Wang Yangang also talked about her plan for studying abroad in future. With the enthusiasm and curiosity of students present, many a question was raised during the question-and-answer time.

Editor: Zheng Xinyu Photo: Zheng Xinyu, Wang Yuxuan Reviewer: Zhang Wentao