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The 28th Dreamland English Corner was held in Honors College

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On the evening of December 10th, the 28th Dreamland English Corner was held in the Building of Honors College. Even though it was a cold and rainy day, many students still participated actively.

Since this semester is coming to the end, the topic is about the feeling of this semester. At the beginning, Liu Runkai made a brief introduction of the topic and then Ms.Wei Xiaodong, the secretary of international affairs, invited some freshmen to share their feelings about the most significant difference between their college life and previous life. Later, students were divided into small groups to continue their talking.  

There was an interesting and meaningful discussion about the study situation and college life in this semester. Many freshmen considered that the college life is more colourful than their previous school life and approved that the difference between life in senior high school and in college was that college students had more freedom to arrange their time and were supposed to have more self-discipline.

Besides, Ms. Wei had pleasant and enjoyable chats with students and gave the students a lot of useful advice. When she saw some students singing English songs with their good friends passionately, she told the students that she thinks one of the advantages of college study is that students can study in a way they enjoy most.

As a regular event held by Honors College on each Friday evening, Dreamland English Corner give all NPU students a platform to reminisce about their past lives, planning their future lives and share their unique views with their friends.

Editor: Lei Yifu  Photos: Lei Yifu  Reviewer: Liao Chang, Zhang Wentao