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The 27th Dreamland English Corner was held successfully in Honors College

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On the evening of December 3rd, Honors College held the 27th Dreamland English Corner in the Honors College Building. Many students showed great interest in this week’s topic and participated in the regular event.

The topic this week is about pastime. The Secretary of Internationalization, Yang Wenqi took over Deputy Dean Yuan’s work and helped organizing the English Corner, sharing experiences of her own. A simple survey was conducted among students, which suggests that none of them go to gym on a regular basis, and that merely a few swim as well as jog in public parks,while these are common ways to relax for common people. Then, e-sports and offline games were discussed within smaller groups.

What made this event unusual was that a game session was designed and Werewolf Kill was played in VISION center. In order to improve the ability to express their ideas smoothly, the players would only speak English during the whole game session. It turned out that despite the added challenge, all the players together with onlookers had multiple fun.

After new management, the Dreamland English Corner has been improved to attract and maintain students’ interest in English free talk and socialization. So far, the event has received positive feedback and firm support from many students, and it is hoped that more and more students can come and join in the activity, and eventually benefit from it.

Editor: Liao Chang  Photos: Liao Chang  Reviewer: Zhang Wentao