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NPU Honors College-University of Cetis, Mexico (CETYS) “Discover China 2021” autumn online cultural exchange program has come to a successful conclusion

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On November 7th, the online cultural exchange programDiscover China 2021, which was held by Honors College of NPU and University of Cetis, Mexico (CETYS), has come to a successful ending. About thirty international students from Mexico, Argentina, Peru and nine Chinese students from Honors College of NPU had participated in this program together since this September. Students had a deeper understanding of the economy, culture and history of both China and Mexico, etc in two months by communicating with and learning from each other. Mr. Leon, the president of CETYS and Mr. Zhang Wentao, the general secretary of Honors Colleges Party Committee were invited to deliver their speeches on the closing ceremony.

Students of Honors College introduced the history and latest development of China, by using some Chinese cities as representative via pictures and videos. The international students introduced the local customs and cultural heritages of Mexico and Latin American countries as well. The diversity of the world was fully demonstrated to all participants.

The students also were benefited a lot from the group learning. Each group chose different kinds of industrial and agricultural products to introduce, including electronic scooter, chocolate, cacao beans and Paraguay tea. The group cooperation tied the students of different countries closer and promoted the mutual understanding. Many distinguished professors from CETYS were invited to share their impression of China with students and introduce the beauty of China they have perceived.

On the closing ceremony, Mr. Zhang highly confirmed the significance of this program and expressed appreciation to the organizer, CETYS. He welcomed foreign students to come to China for further study, especially to Northwestern Polytechnical University. He also hoped the students of Honors College continually participate in programs of this kind to understand the world and tell Chinese stories to the world as well as improving the global competence.

The students of Honors College who participated in this program conducted an online interview with the representative of the organizer, Ms. Mariella Remund who comes from CETYS. From her perspective, students had a deeper understanding of the significance of carrying on this program. This program not only helped both Chinese students and international students to understand China better. Interviews with international students from CETYS were mainly about what they had learned from participating in this program together with Chinese students.

Chen Nachuan, a student of Honors College who participated in the program, said I have really learned a lot from this program. Firstly, I could communicate with foreign students directly and learned many  English expressions. Secondly, I understood how to promote domestic products to the international market step by step. Finally, I learned to understand the world from different perspectives. I also taught the foreign friends how to use Wechat, which made me feel very proud of Chinese technology. Despite of difficulties of time difference and language barriers, we took these challenges successfully and had a great happy cooperation. I am so grateful to the Honors College and NPU for giving us such an precious international exchange opportunity.

As three students of Honors College participated in theDiscover China 2021program in Spring, there were nine students participating in the autumn program of Discover China 2021. This program not only provides a profound global vision for the students, but also forms a deep bond with each other. It promotes the understanding of Chinese and Mexican cultures and unites the people by communication and cooperation It is also another exploration of Honors Colleges in cultivating and promoting students global competence.      

Editor: Lei Yifu Photos: Chen Nachuan, Wan Xinran

Reviewer: Liao Chang,Yuan Yun