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The Interim Wrapping-up Meeting of the International work of Honors College was Held Successfully

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On November 11th, 2021, the Interim Wrapping-up Meeting of the International work of Honors College was held in the conference room of the College. Ms. Yuan Yun, the deputy dean of the college, together with Ms. Wei Xiaodong, Ms. Yang Wenqi, the student members of English News Report Core Team and student representatives from every class, attended the meeting.

At the beginning, Ms. Wei made a brief review of the international work that had been done in the past, including the surprising facts that “Dreamland English Corner ” had been conducted for 23 weeks and “English Morning” for 132 consecutive days with more than 4500 participating times since the beginning of this Spring Semester. Other important international activities like “Discover China 2021” courses and IELTS training were successfully carried out as well. Besides, the work of news reports in Chinese and English mainly done by the English News Report Core Team members were highly spoken for its large quantity of 122 and good quality. Without joint efforts, such good results could not be achieved.

Later, Ms. Yang reviewed the “Talks to Seniors” series activities which aimed at encouraging students to learn from senior students who have accumulated good experiences in their study, research, public service and so on. The series activities had been launched for 5 times, with 9 senior students sharing.

The award ceremony followed with the review sessions. Students who have made big contributions and demonstrated the great performance in the news reporting work and providing guidance to junior students were recognized and awarded.

Ma Wendi, as the student representative, gave a short introduction of the latest program information and sponsoring policies from China Scholarship Council, which is helpful for students to learn more info about studying abroad and make better preparations for the future.

In the end, Ms. Yuan drew a conclusion for the meeting. She acknowledged the joint efforts for the international work made by the students and teachers, and expressed high expectations on the future relevant work. She also encouraged students to proactively identifying problems and seeking for solutions, and make good use of the “VISION Global Competency Center” recently inaugurated in HC to have more  international activities for students.

Editor: He Yanan Photos: He Yanan

Reviewer: Liao Chang, Yuan Yun