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DREAMLAND English Corner hosted by Honors College set sail in the new semester

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At the beginning of the new semester, the DREAMLAND English Corner of Honors College (HC) was held on Friday evening of September 3rd. Students from different colleges and grades, including international students, came to the Honors College building despite of the heavy rain to participate in this English Corner activity.

At the beginning, the deputy dean of HC, Ms. Yuan welcomed all the participants warmly, and invited each one to share the reasons for joining the activity. The students wished to make their good progress in improving oral English, making friends, sharing interesting experiences and useful information, or even just for the curiosity of campus life and so on.

The DREAMLAND English Corner this time had topics including “Summer Life”, “New Semester Plan” and “COVID-19”, and etc. No matter new faces or old friends of English corner, all participants quickly became connected,  exchanged and shared their ideas actively. More than two hours  flied in the blink of an eye, the atmosphere in DREAMLAND English Corner was always friendly and pleasant. The international platform of HC out its flag up again in the happy laughter of students for the new semester.

Since the spring semester of 2021, DREAMLAND English Corner has held 16 consecutive sessions in HC. The activity aims at providing a platform for students to improve their English communication ability, make friends and share ideas.Welcome to join the big family of English Corner, here you can gain friendship and happiness, and improve your English level.

Editor: Cao Xinyue Phtos; Li Zuotai Reviewer: YuanYun